Cracking the Code: The SAT/ACT Saga Continues

Cracking the Code: The SAT/ACT Saga Continues

The college admissions game is ever-changing; right now, all eyes are on standardised testing. The SAT and ACT, long-time players in the admissions process, are once again in the spotlight, causing confusion and chaos among students, parents, and even seasoned college counsellors like Dr. Pauline Markowicz.

Dr. Markowicz, known for her expertise in navigating the college admissions maze, emphasises the importance of staying on top of the latest testing trends. In the wild world of admissions, where rules seem to change as often as the weather, talking to professionals like Dr. Markowicz can provide much-needed clarity and direction.

The current scene is a mixed bag of tricks. Some colleges are bringing back the SAT and ACT, claiming these tests are the best predictors of student success. Others are sticking to a test-optional approach, recognising the barriers these tests can create for some students. And then, there’s the concept of being flexible.

Test flexible policies allow students to submit alternative forms ofstandardisedd testing, such as SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams, or IB exams, in place of the traditional SAT or ACT. This approach provides students with more options to demonstrate their academic abilities, offering a more holistic view of their potential.

For students, this means a new set of challenges. The uncertainty surrounding standardised testing can be daunting, but fear not! Dr. Markowicz advises students to focus on what they can control: preparing diligently for the tests and presenting themselves authentically in their applications.

Despite the twists and turns, one thing is certain: the SAT saga is far from over. As colleges continue to tweak their admissions criteria, it’s more important than ever to seek guidance from those who know the ropes. So, buckle up, stay informed, and remember, with a little help from Dr. Markowicz and Dream Education Consulting, you can crack the SAT code and conquer the college admissions game!

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